How to make Personnel Timesheet Utilization Report

1 of the common HR reporting requirements is to decide the Utilization and Availability of workers. These metrics might also be studied at a higher stage. For case in point, checking Workforce Utilization Percentages throughout a company’s diverse businesses supplies insight into how overstaffed or understaffed each and every business is. This weblog describes a design methodology to help this kind of reporting demands.


Although Utilization % tells how considerably genuine operate an employee has finished in contrast to their total potential, Availability indicates the remainder of the time exactly where an employee has been inactive or non-utilizable. For illustration if the Utilization of an individual is eighty%, their Availability is twenty% (100 – 80).

Utilization is defined as the ratio of Hrs Labored above Ability. Hrs Worked is a function of the real several hours entered on a timecard all through an employee’s workweek. And there may be a number of versions of what defines Hrs Worked relying on the organization’s particular definition of the type of timecard several hours that are utilizable. For occasion, a consulting company may possibly contain billable hrs to a shopper as utilizable, but not several hours put in on non-billable groups this kind of as bench time and vacations. Ability is typically a regular amount of hours an personnel is anticipated to function irrespective of what receives entered on timesheets. For illustration, an personnel who functions eight hour workdays has a potential of 40 hrs a week, whereas a part-time worker who functions three days a week has a capability of 24. Ability generally excludes common vacation hrs as such hrs are not anticipated to be utilizable in the first spot.

Pursuing is a summary of the essential metrics:
Utilization % = a hundred x Several hours Labored / Ability
Availability % = a hundred – Utilization %
Hours Labored: Timecard Hrs that are regarded utilizable
Potential: Common Operate Schedule Hrs – Regular Holiday Several hours

No subject what transactional system your info is sourced from, Several hours Worked and Capability are most probably likely to be saved in various tables in that technique. For instance, in Oracle E-Company Suite, Several hours Labored are sourced from Oracle Time and Labor timecard tables. Whilst, Ability is sourced from the HR assignment tables that affiliate employees to their corresponding perform schedules and holiday getaway calendars.
In my resolution of a data warehouse model that supports Utilization calculations, I use two specifics: timesheet calculator and Capability Fact. Not all the dimensions in the two star schemas are conforming. For example, the Timecard Reality has dimensions that describe the variety of several hours whether or not they are billable or not, holiday several hours or venture hrs, perform hrs that were performed onsite or remote, etc… Such attributes of a timecard are not pertinent when we chat about potential information. For this explanation, if we ended up to store both metrics (Hours Worked and Ability Several hours) in the identical reality table, we end up with an incorrect capability as it doesn’t relate to all the timecard dimensions.