Create your own time tracking app with chkPoints, your most efficient solution for messy, inaccurate, time consuming paper time sheets and all time tracking applications


chkPoints is a smartphone app that has been designed from the ground up to easily help you to accurately record your time anywhere and everywhere. However this is not your average timesheet app.


The simple touch interface make it’s very easy to record time with just one hand.


The app records your time so there is no need to retype your timesheets. No more lost paper timesheets. No more excuses. No more trying to read someone else’s handwriting.


Keeping track of your time when it happens is more accurate than spending 10 minutes remembering what you did at the end of the day.

Easy to Use

We have spent hours making this application easy to use so you don’t need to spend hours using it. We know that easy to use apps generated more accurate data. However we also added one more really powerful feature that we hope you will like……


No missing entries, the information is entered as it happens.


The information is entered by the person who knows best what happened.


No need to re-enter the timesheet, you have it electronically already.


We know that everyone’s needs are different, so we built the designer so that you can create your own custom chkPoints. The easy to use interface allows you to collect all the data you need.



Use to easily record your time. From simple clock on and clock off too more complex recording. Use the fields to record extra information when you record your time for example Purchases or Kilometres travelled.

Transport and Logistics Runsheets

Record Runsheets quickly and safely keep track of when and where you are.

KPI Recorder

Collecting Event Based KPI data is a simple and easy with the chkPoints app.

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