5 Amazing Apps for Women on-the-go

As we all know, women naturally have more switch buttons than men. They take a lifetime to prepare and decide what to wear, and for some reasons, they have the uncanny compulsion to carry everything in their bags. Thanks to our fast-evolving technology, mobile apps have been created that will perfectly suit the needs of our women. To make life easier, here are 5 suggested mobile apps that are very useful for women:


  1. SunrisesunriseSunrise is a calendar mobile app that is automatically linked to your Linkedin account, Google calendar, iCloud and Exchange. It works flawlessly with its Quick Add Events feature. Sunrise works for both Android and iOS phones and with its affordable price, women can plan girl night outs and corporate meetings with no hassle.
  2. Clue AppclueClue is designed to track women’s fertility accurately. It makes keeping track of their menstrual cycle easily by entering relevant data. It helps detect if they are having PMs. It includes educational material about fertility and the like. And the best thing about it? It is very friendly to use.
  3. Nike Training Club niketrainingclubIt is now easy for women on the go to keep themselves healthy. With Nike Training Club, you get a personal trainer without having to go to the gym. You can do your own exercise with the exercise plans provided. If you want to do something quick and effective, you have the right app. If you want an all-women fitness community, Nike Training Club is the best for you.
  4. Cookpad Recipes Cookpad-Recipes-Android-AppWomen are expected to excel in the kitchen. But not all women have the time to make a new and unique dish. Good thing there’s Cookpad Recipes. Cookpad helps women on the rush with their dishes—whether it’s a dinner with their boss or with their man, Cookpad has it. With its step-by-step video instructions, it makes women’s lives easier and better in the kitchen. Enjoy home-cooked meals that are still profligate with
  5. Grocery Gadget Grocery-Gadget-Free-App-The-perfect-way-of-ShoppingIt’s not practical to waste all the little time women have with making grocery lists over and over and collecting all the coupons. Grocery Gadget allow you to reuse your grocery list and share and compare them with your friends. In that way, women can spend time going around the grocery stores trying to remember if they forgot to get something. You can’t expect women to remember everything, but with Grocery Gadget, they can!
  6. chkPoints chkpoints
    Create your own time tracking app plus with timesheet calculator, your most efficient solution for messy, inaccurate time consuming paper time sheets and all time tracking applications.

Enjoy your life by saving time and money with these mobile apps!